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Tuesday's Live Schedule
9pm Albert's Public House w/ Rob Alfano
10pm Alex Bennett's Ramble
Midnight Revelstoke Jim's Canadian Content
Get ready for "Revelstoke Jim's Canadian Content", live and direct from Revelstoke British Columbia with unsurpassed scenery, abundant moose, lots of use of the word "EH", the mispronunciation of the word "about" and of healthcare.  Travel there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at midnight to the Great White North and join the citizen panelists.  Now let's all stand and sing the Canadian National Anthem.
Revelstoke Jim's Canadian Content
Mon, Wed and Fri At Midnight ET
Alex Bennett's Ramble
10pm ET Mon-Fri

Albert Reinoso's Public House
9pm ET Mon-Fri
Albert Reinoso hosts “Albert's Public House”.  Albert presents opinions and analysis on topics of the day, including those of the Citizen Panel and guests. You’re encouraged to be a member of the “Public House” Citizen Panel, and you can email Albert directly at RadioAlbert- at-Gmail-dot-com. Albert is an existentialist, realist, atheist believer in no gods, independent voter, who believes the purpose of our lives is happiness while incurring no malicious suffering.
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If you have been asking "where's Alex Bennett?" then the answer is, he's right here on GABNet™. Every night he hosts the most significant change in talk radio since the invention of talk itself with Citizen Panels. You won't believe what he's done. It's not the same old crap you hear today.  Be sure to join him Monday thru Friday Nights at 10pm on "Alex Bennett's Nighttime Ramble" for 2 full hours of panels and fun.
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Video From The 8/15/14 "Alex Bennett Ramble"
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"Getting Geeky" With Miranda Janell Tuesday and Thursday at Midnight ET
Meet Miranda Janell.   She's smart.   She's wired in to today's  social media.  She knows and loves science and technology.    She makes all of it easy to understand and more than that, makes it fun.  Then there's movies and TV, where she is very opinionated and yes she can get passionate about politics too.  All this adds up to make her  the snarky geek queen of GABNet.
If you want a good taste of what GABNet programs are all about then go no further than Rob Alfano's "GABNet Rewind".  Rob rumages through each of our shows and then presents their best moments.   It's the best way to catch up on what each of our personalities are doing.  What makes it even more fun is Rob's running commentary that makes this more that just your run of the mill "best of" show.  It all starts on Saturday evening and runs through Monday evening.
Rob Alfano's GABNet Rewind
Saturday Night thru Monday
Try our new web address is a new Skype address for our is now "gabnetlive"
Or Call (347) 352-0079